Residential building in Soligorsk

Electronic Salihorsk published photos of a new panel house on Zheleznodorozhnaya street, designed by the project department of Belzarubezhstroy. Work on the construction site is not yet completed, but the overall appearance can be assessed. The building is so popular that it is already discussed in social networks.


Visit to National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Niasvizh"

Nesvizh palace and park complex is one of the most famous tourist objects in Belarus. After the restoration, which ended in 2012, every year it is visited by many tourists, that's why a decision was made to visit the museum-reserve by project management. We have seen the history of Belarus and literally touch it, visiting the famous Palace and Park Ensemble and the Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, which were inscribed into the World Heritage List of UNESCO, as well as the Town Hall, Sluck Gates and other architectural monuments.


Positive expert assessment

The project of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Astana have got positive expert assessment in Kazakhstan.


Winners of the contest of young architects Leonardo

In Minsk, the results of the competitions of the XII National Festival of Architecture for the best architectural building. In the list of winners is Alexey Tikhonchuk, the chief of the architectural and planning department of the design department of Belzarubezhstroy. A.Tihonchuk as a member of the group of architects received a diploma of the winner and a diploma of the II prize for projects in the nomination "Residential multi-storey houses" (Leonardo biennale - competition of young architects).


Exhibition of Belzarubezhstroy

Belzarubezhstroy within the frame of the XII National Festival of Architecture presented successful projects.


New building of the embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Kazakhstan

The most interesting option was by Project Department "Belzarubezhstroy". The complex consist of the building of embassy, apartaments and Ambassador's house.


The bust of Simón Bolívar was approved to be placed in one of Minsk parks

The bust of Simón Bolívar was approved in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus to be placed in one of Minsk parks.


Interesting point of view

The person who shared his opinion about architecture in Minsk was an architect Yuri Taubkin. He also mentioned the business-centre on Kirova street.

“ – I like it's size and height, I find it appropriate for context area. The façade made of glass is fit for the street, it slightly vanishes against the background of blue sky…” You can find more information about other buildings mentioned by Yuri following the link


Building a cheap frame house from Belarusian materials or Say no to unoccupied space

As a pioneering project the Engineering Department of JSV “Belzarubezhstroy” has developed a frame house. The main peculiarity of this project is the application of eco-friendly cement-boned particle boards for external and internal finish. The use of a material made in Belarus lowers the cost of construction and allows to experiment with the area of houses.

More information about the result of this experiment in construction field and feedback from the customers you can find following the link



One more voting coming

Website chose 10 new buildings Minsk could be proud of and 10 buildings it should be ashamed of.
We are pleased to know that Kiroff Center building, designed and constructed by JSV “Belzarubezhstroy”, was included into the list of 10 best buildings suggested by

According to the results of voting, business-center Kiroff won 6th place.

All the results of voting and information about the winners you may find following the link You can also give your vote.